Structure-Only Packaging

We leverage over 40 years of packaging experience to deliver innovative structural packaging to emerging start-ups, design agencies, and Fortune 500 companies.

Powerful Brand Defining Moments

You’re here because our partnerships with agencies, brands, and startups like yours, deliver memorable packaging structures engineered to surprise and delight.

Our structure-only approach to package design, delivers authentic user-experiences that result in consumer action. Our design phases culminate in the delivery of white unprinted samples, production-ready mechanicals, and editable 3D renders for your graphic design presentations.

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Enter your email address below to download our two Free, easy-to-use packaging mockups, and experience the new way to present visual design. FORMA Structural Packaging’s mockups include: vector positioning file to align artwork over multiple panels, smart-object enabled .TIF, and an instructional PDF.

For more packaging mockups visit the FORMA shop, perfect for agencies, designers, and students.

Who we are.

FORMA is a specialized team of structural packaging designers and co-creators that believe the things we touch shape our world.

FORMA solves for the user, and advocates for the brand.

Evelio Mattos is the visionary force behind FORMA Structural Packaging. His singular focus on delivering memorable packaging structures intrigues, delights, and challenges retail shelves. Evelio’s design contributions to retail, eCommerce, and product packaging have helped to define share-worthy packaging design emphasizing texture, structure, and sensory interactions. His process creates mystery, romance, and elevates the user’s sense of suspense by utilizing a well orchestrated unveiling process.

Evelio and his team of creative talent have collaborated with a long list of clients in retail, cosmetic, and tech industries. He is widely recognized as the Creative Director of Design Packaging, and for his international speaking engagements, design column, and position as the Editor in Chief of The Dieline Packaging Blog. Evelio has written and filmed several special features that shed light into his process and views on packaging design. His two structural packaging design books have become curriculum standards studied at Universities around the world.

Ultimately, what sets Evelio apart is his thoughtful understanding and respect for today’s retail environment. “Today’s retail market is no longer about competing, but instead is about connecting”.

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Packaging isn’t about competing, it’s about connecting.


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Who We Work With

Emerging Startups. Design Agencies. Fortune 500 Companies.


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